Probate Investing Simplified 

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I also have somethig else for you. Want access to the "Boardroom" during the course? You're probably wondering what that's all about. 

So let me tell you a little bit about the boardroom. (I have all the details at the bottom of the page.)

We will meet once a week for up to 90 minutes in a Zoom room after the course starts. If you're not familiar with Zoom, it's a video platform that is just awesome. It's the second best thing to sitting in a room with the other people who are also learning and implementing the course. 

In the Zoom room, we can talk, interact with each other, and you can get your questions answered as they come up each week. It's helps you stay on track, and it's great for accountability. It works kind of like a mastermind.  

Ready to jump in?  

I can tell you this; the Boardroom access will give you that "something extra" that will make your success so much easier. I hope you can join us in the boardroom, but if it's not for you, I completely understand.  

I can't wait to get started with Probate Investing Simplified!

Are you looking for an easier way to find great deals? For a strategy where there is much less competition? Then you're in the right place. Probates have always been my #1 source of leads.

Probate Investing Simplified is a program that will show you where to find these off market deals. It teaches you everything you need to know to work in this lucrative niche. You can dominate this field if you learn the steps you need to take.

How Does it Work? Each week for 6 weeks, I will unlock one of the of the 6 modules in the course. *The bonus "Direct Mail Module", the letters and the other bonuses will be unlocked on week six too. 

The modules will be "dripped down",1 module each week. This is so that you will have time to complete each module before moving on to the next one. 

What's the benefit of doing it this way? You will have a clear understanding of the probate process, and you'll have your foundation in place before you spend any money on direct mail campaigns. 

Q&A's will be held every week, and folks in the boardroom will meet once a week as well. We will be working on this program as a group wich is exciting.

What This Program Has to Offer

Probate Investing Simplfied teaches you everything you need to know about working in the niche of probates. You'll learn the terminology, how the process works, where to find the leads, how to market to the heirs, and most importantly, how to become the "go-to expert" in your area. You will also get a bonus direct mail module you can use for marketing to any niche.

There will be multiple lessons within each module of the course. Here is a rundown of each of the 6 modules in this course. 


You will have a complete understanding of the probate process, and a roadmap for success. You just need to do the work. (there is that)


There are over 3300 counties in the US, and each one of them has a different procedure for getting probate leads. I have some tips for you on how (and where) you can find them.


You need to know the language and terminology used in the probate process. Once you do, you will show up as "the expert" every time and quickly gain the trust of the seller.


Marketing is how you get leads (then deals). I'm going to give you all the marketing materials you'll need and teach you how to market to probates the right way. 


learn how to talk to sellers and change their expectations, how to build rapport easily with sellers so more offers get accepted, creating follow-up systems, wholesaling probates and so much more! 


Websites: Learn how use technology effectively for marketing, why you must have a website, and where to get one. You'll also get some tips you can implement on your website.

WHAT ELSE WILL YOU GET WHEN YOU JOIN PROBATE INVESTING SIMPLIFIED? We will have regular Q & A calls throughout the course. You can be assured you will get all your questions answered. 


I have some awesome bonuses for you. 

#1. First of all... I have a bonus Direct Mail Module. You're going to learn how to do direct mail the RIGHT way. What's the real bonus here? You can use this module to market to any group of motivated sellers. I'll give you some resources too for outsourcing this process. 

#2. You will also get a complete series of letters to send to these folks in probate. These are the same letters I have used in my business for a decade or more. 

These letters can be tweaked for agents who want to market to the same group of people (think listings). 

#3. Interested in outsourcing some of the work? I'll give you a list of resources I have used in the past. 

#4. I'll show you how to create a simple but effective marketing plan for the niche of probates. Remember that these are off market deals, so direct mail is how you reach out to these folks.


"The Boardroom" is a special place where we will meet every week for coaching, clarity and accountability. Here's how it works. goo

If you decide to join me in the Boardroom, we will get together as a group once a week for a 90 minute live video conference in a Zoom room. 

But just imagine the difference it would make for you and your business to have a weekly face to face meeting with me along with the other folks implemeting this course "Probate Investing Simplified". This is a live video call. You can ask questions, get them answered right then, and we will all mastermind. There is great power in masterminds!

By joining me the Boardroom, you will come away with a clear plan of action each week. And... you will have ME to hold you accountable so you reach your goals. <--Genius!

Probate investing is a great niche. The heirs almost always want to sell the inherited property. Even today, there is so much less competition that in most other niches.

About Me

Probate, coaching, consulting, real estate investing

My name is Sharon Vornholt, and I have been working with probates for over a decade. I only wish I had known about this lucratie niche when I first started investing 20 years ago, but there was no one to show me the way. You don't have to learn this the hard way. You can have help which will dramatially shorten your learning curve.

I am the founder of the Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog and the popular podcast "Let's Talk Real Estate Investing". You will hear me talking about probates , marketing and branding a lot. Really, a lot!

— Sharon Vornholt

Get Probate Investing Simplifed and Get Started Now

Tired of competing with all those other investors for the best deals? You know there has to be an easier way, but you just don't know where to start. Well... I have the answer to that problem.

Probate Investing Simplified is the utimate guide to success in probate investing. This program will "demystify" the entire probete process. You will learn how to speak the language used in probate, how to market to these folks and you will finally have the confidence to step out as a trusted "expert" to folks that need your help. 

We are in the problem solving business. So, you just need to be able to solve their unique problem. They have inherited an unwanted property that they have to sell in order to settle the estate. When you can step in and help with this process, they are so grateful. They can finally get on with their lives.

Probate Investing Simplifid will show you e path toworking in this very lucrative niche no matter what yur level of experience is. You justave to be willing to do th