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How Would You Like For Us To PERSONALLY Teach You The VERY Strategies That Keep Our Pipelines OVERFLOWING With Leads? 

Strategies That Have Added $$Millions To Our Bottom Lines? 

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Let me ask you a quick question...

What has been holding you back from closing more deals and making more money? 

If you’re like MOST of the real estate investors I know the answer is …


And... How do you find deals (especially off market deals)? Marketing!

It's All About Marketing!

Who Are We and Why Should You Listen to Us?


Sharon Vornholt is a full time real estate investor who is best known as a marketing expert and brand strategist. She has helped hundreds of people refine their brand and create marketing plans that work in today's market. Sharon is also an expert on probate investing. 

She has a popular blog and podcast that have one goal: teaching others how to start and grow a profitable business that allows them to live a stress free, entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Bill Walston is one of the most sought after business and tax strategists in the real estate investing community. His passion is teaching and creating strategies that help real estate investors do more deals, make more money, and live a tax deductible lifestyle. Bill is an expert in single family homes, apartments, and master lease options. 

After successfully building an accounting and tax practice, Bill walked away from it to focus on real estate after deciding the profits were better on the other side of the desk.



Success Is All About Marketing and Branding!

Marketing (or the lack of it) is 100% responsible for the success or failure of your business. Now that's a bold statement, but it's true.

But you also need to be building your brand at the same time and we will touch on that. 

You can't build a successful investing business if no one knows about you, if you lack credibility and if you don't have an online presence. You know, there’s a huge difference between the real estate investor who does one or two deals here and there… And the real estate investor who has a pipeline overflowing with motivated sellers chomping at the bit to do business with him – consistent profits!! 

The main focus of "REI Marketing Mastery" is of course.... marketing. But we'll also touch on why you need to be simultanously building a brand even if you've only done a few deals. 

Think of it this way.... 

Marketing is how you get leads. Branding is why they choose YOU.

This is a small group event, and we are looking for a few top “real go-getter” real estate investors. Folks that we can teach to how to bring in deals month after month, year after year. If you’re that investor, we will personally work with you on your business to help you double, triple, or potentially even quadruple your revenue. 


Here’s What This Is All About 

We want to personally invite you to our two day CLOSED DOOR "REI Marketing Mastery" Exclusive Event in Nashville, TN May 19th and 20th, 2018. We’ll be teaching the strategies that we use, every day, to consistently generate motivated seller leads, close more deals and make more money.  

Now, before we go further, we want you to know this is NOT a “get rich quick” seminar or the latest “make money in real estate” gimmick.  

This is a hard core, hard hitting, all content, hands on two day immersion in your business. We will spend two days teaching you how to market your real estate investing business using strategies that work TODAY.  

Not only that, we will work with you to create your own customized "Quick Start Marketing Plan". That's right. You will leave Nashville with a plan for getting those leads in the door, then we'll teach you how to implement your very own customized marketing plan. 

Sound good? 

Just to be clear, there won’t be anyone there schlepping CDs, books, or tapes while trying to pluck money out of your pocket. If THAT is what you’re looking for, this isn’t for you and I don’t want to waste your time. 

Still interested? You know you are!


Here’s Just Some of What You WILL Get 

During this two day, exclusive, hands on event we’ll cover:  

Marketing: How to generate motivated seller leads month after month and dominate your market. We will show you how to make your competition irrelevant with focused marketing.

Branding: What you need to do NOW that will make all of your marketing more effective no matter what your marketing strategies are.

  • You will leave with your own customized Quick Start Marketing Plan. 
  • We will show you how to easily implement your marketing plan for consistent lead generation. 
  • How to build a business, not a job! 
  • The technology and resources WE use to get consistent lead flow. 
  • How to develop your real estate investing mindset. 
  • Negotiating with sellers – what to say, and when to say it.
  • Inbound and outbound marketing strategies that will bring you an endless flow of seller leads. 
  • Need a website for your REI business? We've got you covered. 
  • You will learn what's working TODAY when it comes to marketing. 
  • What you need to know to creatively (and legally) use bird dogs for lead generation. 
  • Social media marketing strategies that will catapult you miles ahead of everyone else in your marketplace. 
  • How to use video to out market and out brand your competition.
  • How to build (and manage) your lead tracking system so that your deals don’t “fall through the cracks”. 
  • The art of offer delivery – a simple and proven method for delivering offers to sellers with ease. 
  • Handling objections – what to say and do if your offer isn’t well received. 
  • Two simple phrases that will have sellers eating out of the palm of your hand 
  • And SO much more. Definitely a surprise or two! 


We’re bending over backwards to make sure that this is the best, most practical, step-by-step, what’s really working right now training you’ll ever attend – and if it’s not we’re willing to refund your entire investment (more on that in a moment). 

This 2 day ,"REI Marketing Mastery" event. is about one thing and one thing only. Getting you … RESULTS. 

Our stuff works, and I know that if we work together on your real estate business, you’ll be thrilled with what you achieve. Marketing is the number 1 skill you to master not only to survive but to grow your business. 

This is a small group event and spots ARE limited. We expect this to be a sellout again. 

And that’s why I need you to read this next part carefully: 

This Is NOT For Everybody

Here’s Who We CAN Help: 

We are VERY picky about who we’ll work with, and we have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met for us to proceed. 

Here it is: 

  • You have to have closed some deals. This event is for people who are up and running already and simply want to run a lot faster and a lot farther.  
  • You must be a “go-getter”; an action taker! (Don't worry. We won't ask you to do anything weird.)
  • You must be ready to dive in and run with your marketing plan. 
  • If you like to “kick tires” or sign-up for programs and not follow through, this is not for you. Maintaining a 100% client success rate is VERY important to us. Please be someone who doesn’t mess around, and is serious about RESULTS. 

That’s it – if you meet these requirements, we’re good. 

And if you’d like to begin getting some incredible results in your real estate business, then we’ll happily work with you to do just that. 


If You Want In You Better Hurry Because… Space is limited. These spots WILL fill up quickly. 

Now, this isn't to to impress you. It's to impress upon you how important it is that you act today and reserve your spot if you want in, because if you wait too long there is a very good chance you’ll have missed out altogether. 

So Let Me Ask You This...

What’s It Worth To You To Have Someone Take You By The Hand and Lead You Straight To Success? 

What would you be willing to pay to reduce all of the endless studying… the trial-and-error failures… the costly “how to” materials… and all of the frustration, lost time, and wasted effort, into two days of EFFECTIVE training? 

What would it feel like to finally have a marketing plan in place to use month after month, year after year to bring you a constant stream of leads? Wouldn't this take a huge weight off your shoulders? 

Yes it would! 

How Would You Feel...

What would it feel like to know that in just two days, you can accomplish a goal that you’ve been struggling — possibly for YEARS — to achieve? How would it feel to know that you finally had an actionable marketing plan that would keep leads coming into your business for years to come?

There are other people out there who will offer to work with you to teach you real estate investing, but they charge $1,000′s for just a single HOUR of their time! 

 But, we like to do things differently… 

That’s why your investment today to reserve your spot at the REI Marketing Mastery 2 Day Event won’t even be half the price of what others might charge you, nope. 

What's the Investment for this Exclusive 2 Day Event?

You can reserve your spot for only one payment of $697

I think you’ll agree that’s a pretty reasonable investment in exchange for 2-Days of practical, hands on "what’s working now" training and strategies that will have you doing more deals and making more money fast! 

Need a Payment Plan? 

No problem! We can do that. We have a 2 pay option. Check out the details below. 

2 Pay Option:

  • Sign up by April 25th and make 2 equal payments of only $350.00. (See details on checkout page)


But that's not all! 

We have a special price for folks that want to bring their business partner. The first attendee will pay full price, and the partner gets in for half off so that's $1047 if you want to bring your business partner or your spouse. (Sorry, but we don't offer a payment plan with this discount).

We Have a Bonus We've Never Offered Before Just For Early Birds that are "Extra Early". 

I'm sure you've heard the old saying, "The early bird gets the worm". In this case those folks that register before Sunday April 29th and get a special bonus:

They get a 1on 1 coaching call with both Sharon and Bill. (Value $600).

** You can use that bonus anytime in the 12 months following the event, but this opportunity expires on April 29th. 

Get signed up today so you don't miss out on your "Early Bird" bonuses.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We are so sure you will be 100% satisified that we’re willing to back that up with our personal guarantee! 

Attend the first day of the "REI Marketing Mastery" Event. Network with other like-minded real estate “go-getters.” Take notes. Participate in the hands-on experiences. At the end of the day, if you don’t agree that this event is worth your time and investment, we’ll refund your registration in full. Just let us know before 9 AM on the second day. So the risk is all ours – you have nothing to lose. 

This Is Hands Down The Best Investment You’ll Make For Your Business ALL Year! 

So go ahead, we’ve taken all the risk, go ahead and get started now. 


*WARNING – TIME IS A FACTOR. The slots for this exclusive 2 day "REI Marketing Mastery" intensive will fill up FAST. 

This small group event was a sell out last time to "Early Birds" so reserve your seat today. 

What Are You Waiting For? Get Signed Up Before the Early Bird Bonuses Expire on April 15th!


Where is the Event Being Held?

The 2 day REI Marketing Mastery event is being held at the Hyatt Place Nashville Airport. The hotel offers a complimentary breakfast.

***You will be sent the link to book your room (at the special room block rate) once you have registered.


Still Have Questions? 

As much as we would like to work with “everyone”, we simply can’t and still maintain the same level of service you NEED at this exclusive event in order to get the results you want. If you have questions about this event just reach out to either Bill or Sharon and we will get your questions answered. We want this event to be a perfect fit for you. 

So with that said, know that the window of opportunity won’t be open long. 

If you think this is for you, sign up now! 

Still Not Sure? 

We want you to be absolutely sure this event is for you. Send us an email and one of us will jump on the phone with you and personally answer any questions you have. We know this is a great event, and we don't want you do have any doubts. 

You can reach us at or 


See you in Nashville May 19th and 20th 2018!  


Happy Investing!! 

Bill Walston and Sharon Vornholt 


PS - Remember that we have secured a special room rate for you that also includes breakfast every day. You will get the details once you register. Book your room before the room block expires ! Reserve your room today.

The lack of a marketing plan and the failure to implement that plan is the #1 reason real estate investors fail. 


Here's What Previous Attendees Have to Say...  

Here what just a few of the dozens of satisfied attendees have to say about the event....

The information provided at the DealMaker's REI Marketing Mastery provides a comprehensive framework in how to effectively organize and build a business. There is heavy emphasis on marketing, CRM systems and on outsourcing to ensure a streamlined path to efficiency in your busines. The small group format provides a setting for group membrs to share resources, successes and failures. This is an invaluable seminar for investors. -Chris Dangler

I am so grateful I attended "Marketing Mastery" Deal Maker Bootcamp in Nashville! The information Sharon and Bill provided was priceless and impacted the growth of my business immediately. There’s so much more to learn about marketing than I originally thought! I felt very comfortable with the other group members. I felt supported, and I appreciated the openness with which the group shared their business ideas. We’ve continued to reach out to each other about various questions to date. In conclusion, I’ve attended a number of wholesaling trainings and seminars. Based on what I’ve learned and the people I’ve met, I have to say Deal Maker Bootcamp was the best! -Marina Sud. 

I've been investing for 3 years. This has been the most helpful seminar I have ever gone to. My head is spinning with all the new information I have. It has also been amazing to spend a whole weekend in a room full of active investors. WORTH EVERY PENNY! -LaurenHardy 

The information and connection have been invaluable. It's great to have personal access to investors and educators of Bill and Sharon's caliber. I have learned a great deal and look forward to future events. -Caleb Asbridge 

This event has opened my eyes to the possibility of this business. The lead channels and systems I have learned will take my business to the next level. Bill and Sharon answered every question and were very generous with their time. I am looking forward to attending more events in the future. -Scott Mitchell 

Great Bootcamp! Really good information. Excellent personal coaching on our marketing programs. The detailed information on terminology was priceless! -John Doherty

I was hesitant to come to this training, because I thought it would be elementary. But I was completely wrong. This was a great opportunity hear about new strategies and techniques, and to think about how I can implement these new things into my business. I'm excited to implement the new strategies, and to see how my business develops. -ErikaBanks 

I love Bill and Sharon! This is the best event I have attended. Both ask hard questios to push people to think about what they want their businesses to look like. They provide, through their experience, ideas that they are using that work! 

Their biggest message: pick 3 things that you learned and do them now. My wife and I are partners in our wholesaling business. On the first day we used an idea that Bill and Sharon shared with the class. We are excited to see the results. The group in this class was about 12 people. Each person was smart, experienced, and more than willing to share their ideas about what works and what doesn't. Everyone was great, and their input was posiive.This class is very different from a class with over a hundred people. No one really get to know one another. 

Sharon and Bill don't spend he day selling classes or courses. They are very focused on making sure the students/investors leave with ideas they can use now and in the next 12 months. Both are great, fun people that make the class enjoyable. -James McDonald and Hayya Lee McDonald

I'm so glad I attended the DealMaker Marketing Mastery. Sharon and Bill are so knowledgeable and experienced in the real estate investing business. I have learned so much and Iook forward to their next bootcamp. -Jenne Ng

Sharon and Bll put on an excellent bootcamp with loads of content. This is a working seminar that produces a marketing plan that you can put in place immedately. A bonus is networking wih like-minded investors and sharing best practices. I recommend the Dealmaker Marketing Mastery for all experiennced investors. -Eric Hubbard 

The "Marketing Mastery Deal Maker Bootcamp was very informative with a lot of educational material on real estate investing. Sharon Vornholt and Bill Walston are the real deals, and I would recommend their training and coaching programs to everybody. -Shannon Bevel 

I learned so much from the "Marketing Mastery" Deal Maker Bootcamp! Sharon and Bill are so knowledgeable and it was really great for them to share their knowledge with us. I came to the event knowing very little, and I left knowing a lot more. So much more! (Thanks to my sister who also attended the event before me). This educational course taught me everything I need to know to move forward in my career. Highly recommend! -Natasha Sud 

The Deal Maker Bootcamp has been a rewarding experience. The systems and ideas presented will have a direct positive impact on my real estate business. There were no credit card terminals at the rear of the room. Just practical information that can be utilized to advance your business. - Jessie Watson 

The "Marketing Mastery" Deal Maker Bootcamp was very helpful in helping with my marketing for my REI business. -Brandon Brown 

I attended the 2 day "Marketing Mastery" Deal Maker Boot camp in Nashville, TN. I have to say that meeting Sharon and Bill has help change my business. Since then, they helped open up a few more doors, and implement strategies that I had looked at but not implemented. I am not new to real estate or investing. I have been involved in real estate since '97 working as realtor and now solely as an investor. The group was very small; about 12 of us; and at least everyone had done some deals. It was nice to be in a small setting where it was not a "pitch" fest; just pure content. If you are like me you get stuck in doing things a certain way and know you should try things but don't.... well once I was there and meet investors from all over the country that were doing different things than me and they were working I made a commitment to start implementing those strategies into my business.... and they have worked! -Jon Gillman 

I really enjoyed the this 2 day Dealmaker event with Sharon and Bill. It was a very informative class. Sharon and Bill were also very helpful in answering every question we had. - Johnny Dunn  

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